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Entry #2

Help me get my flash movie into Collections!

2008-01-13 02:43:52 by MisterInu

Here's the link: Konoha Dreams

Help me out and recommend it into a Collection! :D


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2008-01-18 23:33:17

Mister Inu I recomended Konoha Dreams to Naruto and music video collections
I hope you are fine with that for since it is a music video with naruto characters (and bleach i think but they didnt have a collection for bleach).
Just PM me if you want anything else.
Thx =D


2008-10-08 22:07:02

you suck.
Deal with it.
BTW u suck at drawing Shikamaru.
Deal with it.
B- Never mond you don't get to know my name.
Deal with it.


2008-11-12 13:04:28

dude you need to make more flashes or say something about your nest one